About Rockifi

Rockifi is the new streaming platform for fans of Heavy Music.

We specialise in streaming professionally filmed ticketed events from around the world for fans of loud and heavy guitar based music. We'll be showing unique high end video and audio productions featuring heavy music artists.

Our unique 'Rock Horns' button lets you get involved in a unique and fun way. Your interaction does count and gives direct feedback to the artist as they perform, so they can see when they are really killing it!

We've put the emphasis on creating a fun and interactive experience for fans to enjoy live streamed events.

We've huge plans for Rockifi going forward. We don't want to give away too much just now, just be assured we're looking at ways of getting smaller and independent artists and content creators involved. This launch version of Rockfi is PPV only unfortunately. We know new artists coming through are the life-blood of this industry. It will take time, effort, investment and the right partners for us to fully reach our potential, so get in touch if you feel you have something to offer.

If you are an artist, or manage artists we'd love to hear from you. We're happy to help you decide the best options and approach for your live event. We also want to hear from festival organisers and we're happy to discuss white label or licensed options to use our Rockifi streaming platform.

In the meantime enjoy the live stream events and support the artists by buying merchandise bundles and hitting the donate button.