FAQ's - fans

How can I watch a live stream event?

The livestream events are all viewable via the Rockifi website, simply purchase the event and log in to your account on the day of the event - you will see all purchased events in your purchase history - accessible by clicking on the small top right profile pic when logged in.

Can I still watch a live stream after it has finished?

Generally speaking you can still access the finished stream to re-watch for up to 48 hours after the event has finished. Once the live stream period has finished the artist can choose whether or not to add it to our Rockifi VOD (Video On Demand) section. If you purchased the live stream but missed it, you should also still be able to watch the stream for the next 48 hours.

What does the 'Rock Horns' rating button do?

This is what makes Rockifi unique - we've created a simple but powerful way for you to show your appreciation during a live event. These events are truly live, and this is your way to show the artist some love when they're killing it! - we’ve big plans for our Rock Horns feature, it’s one of many features that separate us from other platforms. We’ll announce the members who rocked out the most and there will be prizes in the future based around this feature, so be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to get the announcements first!

Do Rockifi do refunds?

The only occasion Rockifi will apply refunds to customers is when a live streamed event is cancelled by the artist and not rescheduled for a later date.

Where is my confirmation email?

If you purchase a ticket you will be sent a confirmation of purchase email to the email address you provided in sign up. Make sure to check your junk mail folder if you don't see the confirmation email in your inbox. If you still cannot see the confirmation email, check your Rockifi account settings to confirm you are checking the right email inbox. If all else fails please email us details of your purchase and the email address associated with your account to [email protected]

Where can I see my purchase history?

When logged into Rockifi (on any page) click on the top right profile pic icon and from the slide in menu choose 'Purchase History'. This page shows you a history of all your Rockifi event purchases.

It is possible to play the stream on my Television?

If you have Airplay you can wirelessly stream between devices and your TV, Otherwise you’ll have to watch it on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Can I still watch a stream even if it's not in my timezone?

Yes, even if an event isn't in your time zone Rockifi will show you what time the event begins in your timezone so you can add this date to your diary! - even if you can't make the time you will still be able to access the stream and watch from the beginning for at least 48 hours after the event has finished. And if you miss the stream completely you can still rent the event as VOD (if the artist has elected to add this to our Video On Demand section.)

How can I change my username or password?

Sign into your Rockifi account, then click on the top right side profile pic icon and choose 'Profile Settings' from the right side menu that appears. From here you can change your username, password, location and email address details you signed up with.

How will I know what time the event begins in my timezone?

On the event page the information will show the actual time of event in the location it's being streamed and the local time to you, which will be marked clearly - important to note, this is based on your devices settings, so make sure they're accurate!

FAQ's - Artists & Promoters

How much does Rockifi cost to use?

Rockifi costs nothing for an artist or promoter to use, there are no hidden costs, you decide the price of your tickets and bundles, we add on a small fee to each ticket (15%). Unlike other ticketed event platforms we don't add on any other fees for using any of our cool fan interaction features, or take any other commissions.

How do you verify artists?

We ask that when you sign up as an artist (or sign up on behalf of an artist as either manager or promoter) that you use an email address associated with the artist, management team or label you represent. If we aren't able to verify you, but you can prove your association with an artist in another way please email us at [email protected]

Can I create a free event on Rockifi?

No, at this point we're a ticketed platform only, however we have big plans to develop Rockifi further in 2021 with the launch of our promotional tools and membership plan. At that point we'll have free options for artists and content creators supported by advertising and membership fees. The current minimum price you can set a ticket to is $3.50 (£3.00).

Are there any other criteria for using Rockifi for my event?

Unfortunately for this first version of Rockifi it's a PPV platform only, so we need to ensure we only accept artists who can afford to use a professional production team (crew, cameras, lighting, mixing etc). We've made this decision to ensure we don't waste anyone's time. You don't have to use our production team, you only need to provide contact details we can use to verify the team you intend to use. If you don't feel your band has enough of a fan-base to sell sufficient tickets to cover your production team, we recommend using a free platform such as Twitch or Instagram Live for your event.

We are planning a full range of promotional tools, membership options and an ad based revenue model in 2021, so please keep supporting us while we grow - We're here to support and help the community we love!

Can my band do a sound check before our event on Rockifi?

Yes, in fact we insist on it! - we'll give you access to your stream channel on the day of your event so you'll have plenty of time to soundcheck, ensure you are using the correct settings and to make sure you and your production team are happy. Don't worry, we'll be available all throughout the day of your event to help out in any way we can.

We've never done a live stream before, how can we ensure all goes smoothly?

It's all pretty straight forward if you follow our guidelines and we only choose to work with artists on our initial PPV platform who either use our live production team partner, or have their own which team passes our quality control check. While it's possible to have a few of your friends with a camera live stream your event, it opens up the possibility of things going wrong and the output being of poor quality, which we want to avoid.

Our aim is to ensure you end up with an amazing live stream event that also has VOD replay value for your fans, in the days and weeks after the event. We'll be there every step of the way alongside our live stream production team partner to properly plan every aspect of your event. We'll ensure everyone sticks to our pre-show checklist and planning documents to ensure everything goes smoothly on the day.

As an artist how do I get paid on Rockifi?

After your event has finished you can log into your artist account on Backstage.Rockifi to view your ticket and bundle sales (on the Monetization screen). We use Stripe to handle all transactions and will transfer the final amount to your bank account from Stripe within 3 working days of your event ending. Please note - We will only activate the money transfer upon completion of events and we deduct the payment processing fees from the final amount due to artists.

VOD (Video on Demand) works slightly differently. You can access your VOD ongoing sales (if you've chosen to add your live stream event to our VOD section on Rockifi) through your account on Backstage.Rockifi. We will make a bank transfer to you at the end of every calendar month with any payments due from VOD sales.

What is Stripe and why do Rockifi use it?

Stripe is one of the biggest and most secure online payment processing platforms and can handle payments from a huge number of different countries and different payment methods. This is hugely important to ensure your money is secure and you can make your live stream, VOD and bundles available for purchase to as many fans in as many countries as possible. Please note the Stripe merchant fee added onto every ticket at time of purchase is absorbed into our Rockifi fee, however the final Stripe processing fee to the artist is deducted from the amount due being transferred.

Who is responsible for fulfilling bundle orders?

The onus will be on you, the artist (or your management) to fulfill merchandise orders from your final revenue made after your event has finished. We'll provide you a detailed list of all your orders, including all bundles sold, customer details, tee sizes, addresses etc. You will then be required to forward this list to your merchandise provider (or to our partner merch provider).

Can I speak to someone at Rockifi?

Yes, off course! - we're always available to speak, drop us an email at [email protected] and we can arrange a Zoom call at a time that suits you.

What makes Rockifi different from other streaming platforms?

Rockifi is aimed exclusively at heavy music artists and fans! - We're putting the fans and community first, we have unique fan interaction and feedback features not seen on ANY other platform, that have been made with Rock and Metal fans in mind.

How do we start creating our first event on Rockifi?

Begin by clicking on the 'Create an event' menu item at the top of the homepage at Rockifi.com. Fill in the sign up form and a member of our team will respond within 24 hours once we have verified your account (may be 48 hours in busy periods).